The Last Place On Earth

by Krebs

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A man finds himself alone in an empty world.


released April 14, 2017

Michael Haggerty - Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Programming, Mixing, Mastering, Album Art



all rights reserved


Krebs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Spooky electronic music.

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Track Name: The Hollow
out of time
two steps ahead
no pain felt in the empty shell
lost to all, and all are none
turned to ash in the wind

shadows fell
at the tail of spring
secret view most divine
tragic end, or irony
comfort lost to empty things

sometimes it’s hard to hate the empty
void infinity in one
but now there’s no one left to save me
because I’m the only one

you brought me here
you swept the flame
but everything is blue
there was a face
but nothing more

sometimes it’s hard to hate the empty
void infinity in one
but now there’s no one left to save me
because I’m the only one
inside the memories are hollow
trapped to wallow in the rain
this life will not be hard to swallow
endless vanity and pain
Track Name: When Hands Go Still
through the brush no direction clear
dusk fell and never left
quiet breeze in still life scene
lonely hell your thoughts are home

cold touched the empty here
not quite dark or day
night took the autumn queen
lord of a land unknown

everything is still
a cold infects the sky
within you the sickness is eternal

stars seep a lasting light
hard wired to endless sky
not a thought, no words or screams
solitude forever more

requiem for the light
grieves into the infinite
no one can witness whats left
Track Name: Moonlit Window
speak the quiet can destroy you now
rules we’ll share
even solitude will crave the sound
bow down to fear

darkness creeps behind uneasy hearts
empty still
emotions wane, the fire sinks
no exit here
rapture left you and the northern lights
off beaten path
story of a never ending love
bold as the sky

pale beams cast light from painted sky
stains graying floor
peeling just to try to make it feel
it's where you hide
sitting, feeling all your fleeting thoughts
honest drill
though all others may be gone
don’t let them in
color draining no more time to cry
recessive mind
may horrors in your mind be gone
lay you to rest