Immortal Beloved

by Krebs

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released May 27, 2016

Michael Haggerty - Vocals, Synths, Programming, Mixing, Mastering
Angelique Zuppo - Vocals (Track 1)
Domonique Alesi - Album Art



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Krebs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Spooky electronic music.

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Track Name: Nordlicht (Ft. Angelique Zuppo)
Lost sky, ghost town
Lo Fi, low down
Trip up, last round
Mind crash, fool’s crown
Wake up, now lost
Aches, pains; pre frost
Failed test, failed you
The clock I’m nailed to

Cast out, loops rewind for eternity in time
Bliss and hopeful youth in the hand of truth

End is now no time for reason

The night is never lost above the stars
Your voice will rise above and leave me here
You can never change just who you are
But I will be much farther when you’re near

The end

Road of gold and fear, eternity lost here
Breaking what you’re worth, final day on earth

Time will grind and whip like the wind
The eight legged kiss, a piece from the past
Regrets behind, we always look back
Calcified crime, a pulverized wrist
Two in two, a blanket of sin
Rabid shock love stuck to the spine
The holy, the saved perpetual sound
Your voice through the fog
Falls to the ground
Track Name: Zeroes
Sleeping sounds in the creeping tide
Safe from the scrape of the serpent’s hide
Now we look at the rocks below
tumors in the fields of the driven snow
Tribal values in a virtual truth
Chewed the liver, tore the stomach in two.
Now I breathe the ashes for my memory's sake
I pray the lord my thoughts to rape

Leaving faster than the junkie's high
The saddest eyes you'll leave behind
Give me reason to give a fuck
The message given to this empty husk

Claw, the open wound
Feelings may come to you soon
Fight the urge to die
Innocence so dry

Kill, just numb the pain
Ribbons cut against the grain
Your loss, no more to say
The past has gone away
A fist goes through the void
First and last one to employ
My waves, my time to be
Your soul goes to the sea

Rip, and tear apart
The small remainders of your heart
Now stop, fuck it all
No words to stop no words to stall
Claw, the open wound
Feelings may come to you soon
Fight the urge to die
Innocence so dry

Hate doesn’t quite fill the void
We can’t pretend, we’re bleeding joy
And the nerve, to act and play
To undermine everything that I say
Track Name: The Longest Night
Track Name: Snapping Like String
Fire, your voice still sings
My angels fly on tainted wings
Anger, the roaring sea
The never ending part of me

Skin, scales, broken, frail
Resting on the devil’s tail
Truth be won, forgotten tongue
Split and rip like tooth and nail
Rusted tongue, bleeding song
Failure not the only one
Vile truth, novel noose
War, battle, ending truce

Visions shine through truth and shame
Through eyes of those without a name
Trapped within a shrinking room
From damaged minds will hatred bloom

Wander through gates of red
Barren world inside my head
Laughing, the beauty sings
Pulling on the puppet’s strings
Life is but an empty nest
Twisting through the savior’s crest
Puncture, the insect stings
Killing all your hopes and dreams

Down at your hands
Down on your knees
Unanswered prayers
For pain’s release